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Memberships & Charitable Gift Packages

  • General SUBSCRIBER

    Stay N the Know!! It's FREE!
    Free Plan
    • Stay up on the latest events, group news, and creative works
    • Quarterly newsletters & access links to all public events
  • COMMUNITY membership

    Every year
    Be N-cluded on all public AND private events...FREE!
    • Location access & URL's to MEMBERS-ONLY venues and events
    • Quarterly newsletters & free entry to ALL sponsored events
    • Accessible Wellness & Creativity resources all year-round!
  • N-world RESIDENCY

    Every year
    Custom avatar & FREE gallery/venue space for YOUR projects!
    • Everything that comes with Community membership PLUS!
    • RESIDENTS get their own dedicated space N the community
    • Exhibition booth space & VIP access to sponsored events
  • Tiny Angel Wings

    The smallest gifts from the biggest hearts are PRICELESS!
    • Tiny Angel Wings GIFTS can go towards any project you wish!
    • Help bring Healing-though-Creativity to others in need
    • Lift spirits & elevate minds with FREE books & VR stuff!
    • Support safe-spaces for Members & Wellness group meet-ups

    Help jumpstart Metaverse visibility for yourself or others
    Valid for 6 months
    • Support multiple projects & Cause Awareness campaigns
    • Billboard display of your brand/project logo N the Community
    • Free exhibition booth space for approved speakers/businesses

    Every year
    You get the same benefits as a Season Sponsor ALL year long!
    • PLUS!! 12 mos virtual land parcel ownership & customization
    • Custom avatar for live broadcasts & RL Community Outreach
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